Richard Craster

Professor of Applied Mathematics, Imperial College London

Brief Biography

I have had various academic roles, mainly at Imperial College London where I was an undergraduate 1986-1989. I am currently the Director of the CNRS-Imperial "Abraham de Moivre" Unité Mixte Internationale a French-Imperial joint research institute. Prior to that, I was the Head of Department of Mathematics at Imperial College for six years. I have been at Imperial College as an academic since 1998 apart from holding a distinguished professorship at the University of Alberta , Canada, 2008-2010. In addition to being a Professor of Applied Mathematics I am also a member of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Imperial.

My research lies at the intersection of applied mathematics, engineering and physics and I have contributed to wave mechanics, metamaterials, fluid mechanics, elasticity and mathematics with over two hundred research articles. I am the co-Director of the UK Acoustics Network , funded by the UK EPSRC, that brings together 700 researchers in acoustics from across academia and industry. A recent report on the Value of Acoustics to the UK economy demonstrates the importance of acoustics in the broader context.

I am interested in the Mathematical Education of high-school students and I chaired the A-level Content Advisory Board for the Russell Group of Universities, for Mathematics, reporting to the UK Department for Education; this advice shaped the content of the current A-level in Mathematics. I currently chair the A-level Mathematics contact group for ACME reporting to the Royal Society. I also chair the advisory board of an educational charity Mathematics in Education and Industry.

Engineering, Mathematics and Physics naturally interface with industry. I sit on the scientific advisory boards of the Smith Institute and Multiwave (an SME in metamaterials), and have undertaken numerous consultancy and advisory roles in both industry and government. If you wish to discuss any specific problems then I can be contacted via Imperial Consultants.